Somerset Golf Union

County Secretary


 Reporting to the County Chairman

 1. To act as County Secretary to the Somerset Golf Union

2. To ensure that the County maintains an accurate up to date record of individual Club’s membership numbers and categories of membership.

3. To manage the processes by which the Affiliation Fee due from each Club is collected annually and the returns forwarded to England Golf.

4. To offer specialist advice and interpretation of the rules relating to reinstatement of amateur status, handicaps issues, CONGU and Course Assessment.

5. To ensure that the venues and programme of events for County Matches, all County Championships and Delegate meetings are in place and the events are professionally managed on the day.

6. To ensure that the processes leading up to the Annual General Meeting, the County Dinner and Executive Committee Meetings are in place and the meetings are conducted efficiently.

7. To ensure that the Coaching Schedule is prepared and circulated to the relevant players.

8. Ensure that County Golf Developments are effectively managed and supported.

9. Manage the administrative affairs of the County, ensuring that enquiries are handled in a timely and appropriate manner.


• Interpersonal -ability to relate to individuals at all levels within the golfing fraternity including senior figures at England Golf, colleagues from other counties and junior administrative staff at Golf Clubs.

 • Communication - ability to present information and proposals in a coherent manner at County Meetings and individual golf clubs.

• Thoroughness - ability to ensure that every aspect of data collection is recorded accurately and maintained up to date.

• Personal Development - desire to maintain an up to date portfolio of knowledge in golf related areas.

• Stability - ability to work under the stress of tight time constraints and deal with ad-hoc issues on the day at county meetings.

 • Results Orientation – the capacity to produce outcomes under time pressures.

• Time Management – the ability to manage time effectively and prioritise activities.


• Knowledge of CONGU documentation, interpretation of the CONGU rules and Course Rating.

 • Basic understanding of the R&A rules.

• An understanding of County rules, conventions and hierarchy at County and national level.

• Awareness of Somerset Golf Club’s hierarchy and traditions

• A general knowledge of IT systems with emphasis on Microsoft Office

An ability to maintain the County Website and Golf Management software using IntelligentGolf 
An ability to promote the Union through the use of social media

• Knowledge and Understanding of working with vulnerable persons and the associated national bodies

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