Welcome to SLCGA Competitions

The County holds a number of golf competitions throughout the year.  These competititions are not aimed at those who either play or aspire to play for the county first team rather they are for all county members with a handicap.  There are both gross and nett competitions

. Please click on View Rules in each competition to find details of payment methods

PLEASE EMAIL mail2compsec@somersetladiesgolf.org.uk to confirm entry and payment method

Fowler Brooches 4BBB (LADIES)

County Championship(LADIES)

Bowmaker (LADIES)

50+ Championship (LADIES)

Category Championship (LADIES)

Fowler Lock Greensomes Stableford (LADIES)

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January 2020 Diary of Events
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Wednesday 22nd19:00 - 21:00
Club Safeguarding MeetingBurnham & Berrow GC
Thursday 23rd   
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Monday 27th   
Tuesday 28th
Executive Committee MeetingBurnham and Berrow
Wednesday 29th 
Thursday 30th 
Friday 31st 
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