Somerset Golf Union

5th November 2023



Today marked the commencement of the Under 14’s Winter Training, and it was great to witness the full squad in attendance displaying their eagerness and commitment to the upcoming season.

The day was divided into two smaller groups, with six boys attending the morning, and five attending the afternoon session, thus allowing for a more concentrated and personalised coaching experience. This increased one-on-one time with each player, enabling Ian to address specific needs and provide more tailored guidance.

With both sessions, the training kicked off with a comprehensive video-based technical analysis focusing on iron play. This enabled the boys to gain valuable insights into their individual playing styles, paving the way for targeted improvements with Ian giving each boy specific drills to work into their game over the winter period.

Both sessions concluded with a video-based technical analysis on their putting stroke and specific drills to help the boys improve, the session concluded with an engaging putting competition, which saw a closely contested event unfold. The boys showcased their skills and determination, underscoring the talent and potential within the squad.

Ian will be sending out individual coaching reports to the parents, summarising the progress made during the session and outlining areas for further development. This will serve as a valuable resource for both players and parents as they continue their golfing journey.

In preparation for the next session scheduled for February, Ian has encouraged all the boys to set their personal goals for the upcoming year. This exercise will not only provide a clear direction for their training but also foster a sense of ownership and motivation within the squad.

All the boys felt the first County Golf Winter Training Session was a resounding success, marked by a high level of participation and dedication from all involved. The combination of technical analysis, individual attention, and spirited competition created an environment conducive to growth and improvement. As the players embark on their journey towards the next session in February, their defined goals will undoubtedly serve as a guiding beacon, propelling them towards their desired achievements.


Chris Roach

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