Somerset Golf Union

Seniors Somerset Bowl Conditions

This competition is open to clubs affiliated to The Somerset Golf Union

The current general conditions relating to Somerset Golf Union Championships and tournaments will apply to all competitions. Copies of these rules are also available at affiliated clubs.

To Qualify, a player representing a Club;

  • Must be of Amateur status as defined by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
  • May only represent his Home club
  • May not play for two clubs in any year
  • Players must conform to The English Golf Union's definition of a Senior Player, i.e. over 55 years of age on the day on which the round of the competition is played.


Players must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round unless authorised by the Competitions Committee.

Note i: See also the SGU Golf’s Transportation Policy   which includes provisions for people with disabilities.

Format and Conditions of Play

The Competition shall be played by Foursomes match play over 18 holes

  • Each Club Team shall consist of 10 players (5 pairs)

  • The maximum handicap index for any player shall be 18. Any player with a handicap greater than this may play but will only be accorded a handicap index of 18 for this event. The player must be in possession of an Active CONGU handicap

  • The stroke allowance shall be half of the difference of the combined course handicaps of the players in each game

  • The Team captains shall declare and exchange the names of their teams with pairings and handicaps, in the order in which they will play, at least 10 minutes before the start of the match. This exchange will complete the draw and no changes are permitted to the order except in the case of '7' below

  • Games must tee off in the order declared, and all games must be played from the white tee markers

  • In the interests of fairness, a game that cannot start in its declared starting order due to some exceptional circumstances, may be put back to the end of the field. If this situation should occur, and that pair is still not available and ready to play within 5 minutes after the other four games have teed off, they will forfeit that game. No replacement of players will be allowed after the Captains have made the exchanges as in condition 5 (above)

  • All games must be played to a result. In the event of a tie after 18 holes then the game concerned must continue on a Sudden Death basis until a result is achieved. (If the overall match result is already decided then this will not be necessary)

  • Unless a result has been achieved, as in condition 8, and the match has had to be abandoned because Play has been suspended by The Home Club Committee, or persons responsible in that capacity, another date must be arranged. In this event any previous individual results will not count and the match must begin again. It will not be compulsory in these circumstances for a Club to field the same teams as in the abandoned match

  • Players are expected to respect the Host Clubs' dress regulations, particularly when catering facilities are arranged. Each Club shall be responsible for its own costs associated with the provision of any refreshments or meal after a match. It is recommended that this be agreed in advance by both teams

  • Notwithstanding the fact that matches are to played at Neutral Venues it is the responsibility of the first named team to arrange the fixture, and to confirm details with the host club

  • Each round must be played on or by the stipulated date. Failure to do so may result in the elimination from the competition of both clubs

  • The result of each round must be communicated to the Somerset Golf Union as soon as possible after the conclusion of the match. Contact details are shown below

  • The arrangements for the Final will be decided by the Competitions Committee of The Somerset Golf Union.

  • The 'Bowls' will be presented by The President of the Somerset Golf Union at the conclusion of the Final, and re-presented at the Annual Dinner of the Somerset Golf Union, at which the winning teams or their representatives are expected to be present

For all enquiries contact

Rob Davis  Secretary Somerset Golf Union on 07476 319281

email: somerset

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